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Foundation For Environmental Rights, Advocacy & Development (FENRAD)

Plot 101 Jubilee Road, 2ndFloor, Front, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria

+234 08033383708, 07062949232

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Foundation For Environmental Rights, Advocacy & Development( FENRAD) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2004 (then as the Foundation For Environment, Human Rights, & Good Governance (FENHRGG)). It has focus on Human rights, Democracy and Good governance, Environmental Protection and Social Justice.

FENRAD’s mission is to promote and protect the interest of the vulnerable groups and the environment through the direct involvement of all stakeholders to ensure sustainable development and ensure the Human rights are uphold and protected. FENRAD over the years have actively play a significant role in Community Development, community social mobilization activities, policy analysis/Advocacy and Human Rights work for more than five years, focusing on various aspects of Community development, Electoral Process, Budgetary monitoring and Evaluation, Governance, social policy, human rights, social justice, and environmental management& Justice in the Niger-Delta Region. FENRAD Vision is   dedicated to sustainability, safeguarding human health, promoting environmental justice, and preserving ecological systems for a better future for all, community organizing, environmental justice, sustainability, environmental health problem solving, and the power of forging unlikely and cross-sector partnerships.

FENRAD conducts applied legal research and public interest litigation, provides advocacy support, facilitates civil society mobilization and coordination, and conducts popular education and training

FENRAD has the following aims:

  • To advance the currency of human rights and particularly socio-economic rights in Nigeria.
  • To promote the fulfillment of socio-economic rights by vulnerable communities in Nigeria.
  • To assist poor and marginalized groups to realize an adequate standard of living.
  • To contribute to public governance through empowering local communities to understand their rights, government processes and to effectively engage in such processes, thereby holding government accountable.

FENRAD’s areas of geographical focus are Locally, Regional and international. There are several reasons for this. First, the greatest need – defined in terms of where the most people are conglomerated, compared with the range and efficacy of human rights assistance available. Second, although FENRAD aims to contribute to the betterment of rural conditions through overall advances in legislation and policy,

 FENRAD’s work focuses on urban areas because this is where the state has the most capacity to respond to engagement, and where civil society has the most capacity to mount effective engagement.