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COMPPART Foundation for Justice and Peacebuilding (Community Policing Partners –COMPPART)

44, Ikot Abasi Road Oku Abak, Abak Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, Niger Delta Region, Nigeria.

+2348066680864, +2348023811786, 

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COMPPART is a registered nongovernmental, not for profit human rights focus organization working to reduce and or if possible eradicate all forms of antagonistic relationship between law enforcement agencies and the civil society in the lawful discharge of their functions.

Established in 2002, COMPPART serves as an independent advocacy platform for effective implementation of community policing and as well as ensuring community ownership and commitment to safety, security and accessible justice through active involvement and regulation consultations by security agencies (public and private) in the determination of their policing priorities.

Using the strategy of “knowing and showing” COMPPART operate under three programme thematic areas namely:

  1. Justice Sector Reforms
  2.  Security Sector Reforms and,
  3. Democratic Development

It is member organization of Network on Police Reform in Nigeria, Civil Society Observatory Coalition on the Administration of Criminal Justice in Nigeria, International Code of Conduct Association for Private Security Service –ICOCA, and as well the NGO Pillar of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights Initiative and by extension a member of the In-country Implementation working group on the Voluntary Principles Initiative.

Our strength is that we are on ground and understands the cultural sensibilities and power of the different communities we work in Nigeria and has become a reference point for justice and security through active partnership with government and its agencies, civil society and the media.